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The Featured Exhibits


Distractions while driving can be dangerous!
Or worse!
So, have a go at this ride and learn how bad it can be
for you while keeping your eyes on the road!

Hazards Perception

Sharpen your skills, your senses and
brave through potential road hazards!
Identify them, avoid them and be on
the lookout for visitors on the road too!
It pays to be alert while you're on the bike!

How Bright

Spotted a person under low light?
What happens and how do you avoid them as you drive?
Find out how, here, as we highlight visibility issues
under this condition!

Safer Cars

Safer cars saves lives! Explore the safety
features of the modern car and learn
how important each component is keeping
you safe inside as you drive!

Seatbelt Convincer

Wondered what would it be like if a force five times your
body weight pushed up against you?
Put on your seatbelts first because you'll be experiencing
that in this exhibit and be convinced in how it'll protect
you in your seat in case you crash!

Skull Smasher

Don't worry about the name! The experiments in this exhibit
involve the importance of protecting your head and
putting your helmet on while driving on the road!

Warning: may cause dizziness.

Scale of Risks

Explore how to calculate risks of different scenarios,
determine which is the more dangerous path and gain
some insight on how you can accurately assess them
in this exhibit through various the various scenarios here!

Activity Kiosk

Don't miss this section! Fun experiments, programs
and mini science shows take place here where you
can get your hands on them with our crew!